Amber Gerard

Mortgage Administrator

Qualifications to date: R01 (Financial Services, Regulations and Ethics Core Unit)

Year Started: Amber joined us in September 2020, to study for her Financial Administrator Apprenticeship.

Background and Job Role: Amber’s experience at a solicitors meant the subject of mortgages was completely new. However, she is a fast learner and finished her apprenticeship five months early -going from asking “What exactly is a mortgage?” to having the knowledge to take her Mortgage Adviser exam. Amber has a knack for social media so has recently been working closely with our social media team.

Amber’s Future with Acclaimed Mortgage Consultancy: “I am now studying for my Mortgage Adviser exam which I hope to take in the next three to six months. As I do a lot of the admin on our Equity Release cases, I would like to take this exam next.”

Amber’s Interests and Hobbies: “I spend a lot of time with my family. I have recently taken part in fundraising for my dad who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) as well as meeting up and raising awareness with local groups. When I’m not with my family I enjoy going to the cinema, going on days out (anywhere with animals) and I LOVE going shopping (even if it’s just going to have a look round)”

Fun Fact: “I grew up around Birds of Prey as my dad used to be a Falconer. Although, I did used to get funny looks from people when I would refer to an Eagle as one of my ‘pets’…”

Favourite Film: Theory of Everything (2014)

Something you fear:  The Ocean

Dream Holiday Destination: “I can’t choose what I’d like more: Somewhere in Bali is a turtle sanctuary where you can release the baby turtles into the ocean, I think that would be amazing. On the opposite end of the scale: I’d like to see the Northern Lights or go to New York at Christmas.”

Amber Gerard

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