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We take a holistic approach when advising on a wide range of mortgages and all your financial needs. When considering taking on that mortgage, which will probably be the largest financial commitment you ever make and that will provide shelter for you and your family, then it is vital that you protect that investment you will be working hard to maintain in the years ahead.

As no one can predict the future, we would recommend that you consider the following questions:

Income Protection

“How would you maintain your mortgage repayments and other regular monthly commitments if you or your partner suffer from an accident, long term illness or unemployment? How long would your employers really pay you for or would State Support really allow you to maintain your lifestyle?”

Buildings and Contents Cover

“Are you protected for the consequences of loss or damage to your property or your belongings? Have you fully assessed the level of cover needed to replace all those everyday items, many of which we perhaps take for granted, but when lost would be expensive to replace?”

Life cover

“How would your partner and family be able to live in your family home after your death? Would they be able to pay the mortgage and how would they meet those other everyday commitments without you and your income?”

Critical Illness

“Many more people now survive major illnesses due to advances in medical treatment, but are often then unable to return to their former employment. How would you and your family manage your finances, should you suffer from an illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke, if you were unable to return to that former employment?”

We all insure our cars, mobile phones, even our pets, yet many of us neglect the one thing that makes everything possible – you.

We can advise you on all these types of personal protection products that protect your income, family, property, and lifestyle. Having fully identified your requirements during a no obligation initial meeting, we will review any existing arrangements you have in place and assess the whole market to provide the most appropriate package of solutions that match your current circumstances, whilst taking into account your future aspirations and your budgetary constraints.

Our aim is to provide you with the peace of mind that your overall financial situation and that of your family are protected against the worst that life can throw at you.

Other Services

  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Long Term Care
  • Investments
  • Wills
  • Funeral Plans

If your requirements fall outside our area of expertise we will be happy to introduce you to the appropriate professional to ensure you get the very best advice from a specialist in that field.

Looking for something else?


As you know a mortgage is likely to be the single largest commitment you are every likely to make.Whether you are a first time buyer, looking to move, re-mortgaging your current property or want to become an investor in the Buy to let market, we can guide you accordingly.

Equity Release

Equity release is a “Tax Free” way of “unlocking” or “releasing” capital tied up in the property you own and live in, these funds can be used as you wish. Learn more about what Equity Release is and why you may need it.

Retirement Planning

Many retirees are finding themselves unable to maintain the lifestyle they wish to as they simply don’t have the funds to do so. Equity Release may be an option to help provide and income for the over 55’s.

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