Charitable Donations

At Acclaimed Mortgage Consultancy, we want to give back where and when we can. We take part in a lot of fundraising, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We will update this page on donations we have made. This page is also to show which charities we support and why.

What happens when you complete on your mortgage?

We have started to donate to Play It Green on each case completion to offset our carbon footprint. We are also paying a monthly subscription to offset each of our team members carbon footprint.

  • For each monthly subscription they plant 13 trees, which is the equivalent of instantly rebalancing one person’s carbon footprint at home and 7,500 annual work miles. Native trees are planted across 3 sites in Madagascar through Eden Reforestation Projects, not only helping the planet but also local people by generating opportunities and employment. This project ensures that trees are planted where they are needed most.
  • They send sustainability tips every Friday to our entire team as well as sharing discounts of products which help create behavioural change and lower carbon footprints.
  • They also pass on 10% of what is donated to a selection of charities they work with. They support charities such as Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Children’s Air Ambulance, Motor Neurone Disease Association, Winston’s Wish and many more.

We’ll keep you updated every month with the number of trees in the Forest Garden and any sustainability tips we receive.

What are our Team Members favourite charities and why?

Of course, we would love to be able to help every charity, but this isn’t possible, so we have chosen the ones closest to our hearts. We will be changing our ‘10% donation to a good cause’ every three months so we can help out each of the charities that our team choose.

Sandy – As the bossy boss, I get to choose more than one charity.  My first chosen charity is the MND Association. Whilst all of the charities that are being supported are worthy of every penny they receive, the reasons for this cause are personal as we are seeing the effects of this illness via Amber as her dad had this awful disease. We also know others affected but didn’t necessarily realise how bad it could be until Amber started working with us and we have heard about the effects it was having on her father. His condition changed very quickly, and it is sad to see such a previously active man going through this. It is also awful to see how this affects the family members involved. Unfortunately, he passed away from this awful disease in April 2022.

My second chosen charity is the same as Gavin’s the reasons which I am sure are self-explanatory.

Gavin – My chosen charity is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. Having lost my niece in April 2022 to this horrible disease at such a very young age, I’d like to find solutions/cures to alleviate the pain caused to those who suffer from this disease.

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