What is Equity Release

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Equity release has grown in popularity over the last few years. It is the process by which you can access the capital that is presently in the bricks and mortar of your house. At Acclaimed Mortgage Consultancy we have been giving impartial and measured advice for several years. Equity release, as with most financial decisions, has its pros and cons. We will discuss both sides with you and we are happy to include any of your family members in our discussions. We appreciate that financial conversations can be difficult within family dynamics and we endeavour to assist you within the framework of our advice.

Releasing tax-free money

On the positive side, an equity release mortgage enables you to remain living in your home until such a time as it becomes impractical to do so. This can be very reassuring, especially if it is a long-standing family home. The equity released is tax-free money that you can receive in a lump payment or over time as would be most beneficial to your unique requirements. You could use this money to provide home improvements to assist you in remaining in your own home. You could use it to help out other family members, children or grandchildren who need help with a deposit for their own home. If appropriate you can have the option to repay some or all of the mortgage over time.

What we offer

At Acclaimed Mortgage-Consultancy we will discuss all of your options in full and as well as explaining the benefits, will also explain the disadvantages of equity release. We will discuss the implications of reducing the value of your estate with you, as well as any implications that your equity release may have on future entitlement to state benefits. We will clearly explain the financial repercussions should you decide to repay early, or to pay interest on your equity release.

We will also help you to explore other options. At Acclaimed Mortgage Consultancy we never pressure anyone into an equity release mortgage if it is not the right financial step for them. We will take the time to assist you in discussing other options to help provide you with the right solution. At Acclaimed Mortgage Consultancy we pride ourselves on our moral and ethical stance and we are always happy to talk you through all the details of equity release. Rest assured that we will provide you with the knowledge to make a carefully considered decision, but the final decision will rest with you.

Care options available to you

Are you confused about the care that is available to you and how to find the information you need? You can download a brochure here from one of our trusted partners who we can work with. If you’d like to get more information look at their website here.

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Is Equity Release right for you?

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