Later Life Lending Fees

We care about our clients, so much so, that we don’t charge an upfront fee for our advice to ensure that our clients don’t feel that they have to proceed.

Each person who contacts us, has very personal and individual needs. Our objective is to ensure that we give clients the time to share this information, as well as to ask the questions that are needed to understand their situation. 

We care about our clients, if our products don’t meet their needs, we will tell them. We have testimonials that show how much we care.


What makes us Different

  • Appointments at either the clients home or our comfortable offices in Knowle. We also offer video calls,  if this is an option that our clients are comfortable with.
  • We have gained a strong reputation in the industry and are often asked for our opinions on client perception and product innovation. We are award winners in our field.
  • We take the time to understand client needs and motivations before we look to give any advice.
  • Family members are encouraged to be part of the advice process, if the client wishes to involve them, so that everyone understands things and can raise questions.
  • Any advice that we provide has your best interests at heart.
  • Ensure you get high quality and independent Legal Advice.
  • Make you aware of any other Government benefits or Grants which may be available to you before you commit to any Equity Release Finance.
Advice Fees
in total
£195 is due upon application

£800 is due on completion

Total = £995

NB. We will also receive commission from the lender. If you do not choose to proceed with an application no fees are due.

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