Income Protection

How would you maintain your mortgage repayments and other regular monthly commitments if you or your partner suffer from an accident or long-term illness? Not all employers pay you when you’re sick. The alternative is to rely on State benefits, but would they allow you to pay all your bills, let alone maintain your lifestyle? The answer is probably no.

Income protection insurance will insure a percentage of your income for a term that is decided depending on your circumstances. It will give you peace of mind at a time that is likely to be stressful enough without the added burden of money worries.

How much will my income protection pay me if I’m off work?

It won’t pay you the full amount of your salary but will give you a percentage of your current income which will cover your essential bills and expenditure. This will be in the form of a regular monthly payment instead of a lump sum and is 100% tax-free.

In what circumstances would the policy pay out?

This may vary depending on your individual policy, however as a rule of thumb the policy will pay out for a defined period following you being signed off work for any medical reason. The reason must fit the providers policy definitions, so be sure to have a chat with us about any particular conditions you may be concerned about. Full disclosure of any pre-existing medical conditions when completing your application is also imperative.

How long and how soon would it pay out?

This would depend on how long you have set your deferred period to. So, you could set your income protection to pay out after just one month of being unable to work, or you could set it to 6 months. Income protection policies can be arranged to pay you for two years if you are unable to work. Or there are some that will pay you until a set age or even until retirement. Our recommendation will take into account your circumstances and budget.

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It is vital that you protect that investment you will be working hard to maintain in the years ahead. As no one can predict the future, we would recommend that you consider protection that will help secure your investment.

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