Five quick ways to save money

Whether you are saving for your first home, home improvements, or a move to your next home, the more money you can save, the easier the process will be.

But how do you save thousands of pounds? Read our five tips to help make saving that little bit easier:

  1. Round up apps: Check out the range of round-up or auto saving apps. These automatically round up your purchases and return these to you as savings, or can invest the money for you. You’ll be surprised how small amounts can build up over time. You can always transfer the savings regularly into a separate savings account to make the most of available interest rates.
  2. Switching energy suppliers: Keeping an eye on your tariffs and researching the market when your deal is due for renewal can save you hundreds of pounds each year. Make sure you know when your tariff expires and take time to shop around using the range of comparison sites around
  3. Check your subscriptions: Do a regular audit of your direct debits and standing orders. Cancel any services you no longer use or need. When was the last time you went to the gym?
  4. Cut out daily coffee and snacks: Buying a latte from your local barista plus a sandwich will cost you around £2000 a year. Why not make them yourself at home before you set off?
  5. Set up automatic transfers to your savings account: Sweep a regular amount to your savings account on payday and budget for what’s left. A great way to save regularly.

Download our free mortgage budget planner to help you work out how much you are spending each month, how much money you have left when your bills are paid, and what spending is essential (or not).