Could your mortgage help fight climate change?

The focus on climate change following COP 26 combined with rising energy costs has got us thinking “How does this all relate to mortgages?”

UK homes account for nearly 20 percent of the country’s CO2 emissions. The urgency of the climate challenge we face means that some clients increasingly want to seek out greener options with lenders and products. And the market is responding.

There is now a range of lenders that are rewarding buyers of energy efficient properties. This could be in the form of lower interest rates or cashback to borrowers. For example, Nationwide Building Society is offering a Green Reward Scheme for energy efficient homes, while Natwest has its own reduced rate product for homes in the EPC A or B category. Some specialist lenders offer products aimed at self-build projects that are energy efficient. Buy-to-let lenders are getting on board quickly too.

If you want to make your current property energy efficient there are options for you too.  As well as helping the planet, the other main benefit of borrowing money to buy a greener home or improve your current property is of course the savings it offers you as a consumer. We are all suffering the effects of rocketing energy process, so anything that can reduce energy use is a big bonus.

Lenders are looking to help you with this too. Coventry Building Society for example are currently offering a Green Together Reward of £500 when you take out a new mortgage or apply for a remortage to fund energy efficiency updates.

There’s a lot to navigate in the mortgage market as more offers come on stream, and we can help you target the best green option for your needs. Get in touch to discuss your situation.

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