Play it Green ‘Wrapped’

To round this year up nicely we wanted to share how we’ve been getting on with our Play It Green campaign.

We pay a subscription each month which offsets every team members carbon footprint. On top of that, we purchase enough trees after every completion to offset the entire case. Thank you to the team at Play it Green for working this out because we wouldn’t have a clue where to start! 

We have now been working with Play it Green for 10 months and in this time we have planted 956 trees which has offset over 197.6 tonnes of CO2. 10% of the money we have donated to Play it Green has gone to our chosen ‘good cause’ which is the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

To put things into more simple terms, the impact we have made is the equivalent to removing 141 cars from the road, 1,338 short haul seats or 60 homes worth of annual energy use…which is pretty good if we do say so ourselves!

We look forward to the new year and hope we can top the impact we have made in 2022. Let’s see what 2023 holds for us, Happy New Year everyone!

Find out more about your options by emailing  or contact us direct.