Remi’s Story

After choosing my puppy, Remi, last May I wanted to make sure he was protected in case of any unexpected emergencies. I was due to pick him in July and so I went online and chose a cheap insurance policy to start the same day he was coming home. Stupidly, I didn’t think they would differ that much. I was simply just excited at the time and trying to get everything sorted for him before picking him up.

3 weeks after he came home, I realised that the cheap policy wasn’t effective enough, I did more research and took out a more expensive policy that provided better coverage. Recently, Remi needed an emergency operation. Luckily, the new policy covers up to £3,000 for each claim and his operation cost just under £2,000. If I had kept his initial policy in place, the provider wouldn’t have paid for all of the costs, which would’ve left me £600/£700 out of pocket.

Working in an insurance environment, you’d think I would’ve known this already but we all make mistakes. It was just lucky I put more thought into it before I had to learn from the mistake the hard way! This experience reminded me of the importance of having the correct research done and not just going for the cheapest policy you can find. It’s crucial to make sure that the policy covers all eventualities and not just settle for the cheapest option. Speaking to an adviser saves you time having to research and compare policies, just give us your budget and we can see what we can find for you. We always have your best interests at heart, we aren’t trying to find the most expensive policy, we’re trying to find you the most suitable one that does its job in a time of need. What’s worse, paying a lower premium and then realising that you can’t get your payout or paying slightly higher premiums and having that financial security if the worst was to happen?

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