What insurance do you really need?

When we’re looking at mortgages for our clients, we also want to make sure that we are protecting any debt they have. This is to ensure that we are looking after them them and any family members should anything happen to the earners in the family. Otherwise, how would they maintain their bill payments, their mortgage payments and life in general?

Insurance is one way to do that, and it is an interesting topic. Legally you have to insure a car to be allowed on the road. Most people will take out phone insurance. Thankfully, lots of people get pet insurance because those bills can be incredibly expensive.

But when it comes to insuring ourselves, and deciding whether to get life insurance, critical illness insurance or income protection insurance, people sometimes don’t. This is for a range of reasons. Some people don’t like to think they are going to become ill or have a serious accident. We tend to assume things happen to ‘other people’, believing that nothing will happen to us, or if it does, our family will help out. And whilst there’s no doubt family and loved ones will want to help if that awful situation arose, we don’t always know the exact financial position of even close family members or to what extent those people are in a position to help.

One of the things we’ve noticed, especially over the last few years is lots of Just Giving pages set up when somebody loses a loved one, to support those people that are left behind. Unfortunately, not everybody has somebody that can set up a Just Giving page to help. And really, would you want that to happen? Would you want to leave it in the hands of some kind person to set up that page for your family?

Or would you want to make sure that you and your family are safe?  Critical illness insurance is something we would definitely recommend you consider, along with life insurance.

Most people survive a critical illness, but it can have a huge impact on your earnings which adds extra stress at a time when you just want everything sorted out and under control.

Why leave it to chance? Please talk to us. We can speak to a range of providers and get the best deals for you and your family.

We help people of all ages and in a range of situations. This is feedback from someone we helped recently:

“After being bereaved of both of my parents at a young age I was turned away from most companies for life insurance. Needing some certainty I was introduced to Sandy, who has been amazing from start to finish. Not only has she been able to organise the right level of cover that I have needed and more, she has always done this with such kindness, compassion and warmth. Talking about life insurance can be tricky and evoke emotion, and I always felt held, listened to and valued throughout the process. I would recommend Sandy and Acclaimed Mortgage Consultancy to anyone, and thank you so much for your help!”
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If you have any questions about your insurance please get in touch for a no obligation call to discuss your circumstances. Call our team on 01676 533658 or email sandy@mortgage-consultancy.co.uk.