Acclaimed Mortgage Consultancy is 18

We are celebrating our 18th birthday this month! So much has changed since February 2002. When I first started the business, I was in my spare bedroom with a computer that was so big, it took up a whole desk! The printer took a day to print one application form. I remember when the lender told me to print my own application form off, I thought they were rather cheeky and that it would never catch on! How wrong I was. I thought having a fax machine to send applications was a pretty cool addition to my home office….that became obsolete a few years later.

I could tell a client how much they could borrow by a simple calculation based on their income. Afterall, most lenders had similar criteria.

18 years later and the world of mortgages has changed immensely. Now each lender works on their own affordability where some are more generous than others. That’s why it’s important to get in touch to ensure you get the best of the thousands of deals that are out there.

We thought we would celebrate our 18th birthday with a series of free seminars to help you to get the mortgage you want this year, whether you are a first-time buyer, moving house, re-mortgaging or considering equity release. The first ones are on the 24th March at the Greswolde Arms Hotel in Knowle.

You can find all the details and book on via

Finally, I thought it would be interesting to show the younger readers what they can do when they “come of age”! There’s some that affect your finances – so we’ve started with those, then there’s some new responsibilities for you, and the final few are just for fun!

  1. Own land or buy property
  2. Apply for a mortgage
  3. Make a will
  4. Open a Lifetime ISA
  5. Buy shares
  6. Be legally responsible for your own bank account (and any debts!)
  7. Apply for a credit card
  8. Sue or be sued
  9. Be called for jury duty
  10. Vote
  11. Stand as an MP
  12. Marry without parental consent
  13. Register as an organ donor (from Spring 2020 this will change to be automatic unless you opt out)
  14. Be tried in a magistrate’s court
  15. Buy alcohol ( if you haven’t tried to already!)
  16. Buy fireworks
  17. Skydive
  18. Go bungee jumping

If you’re lucky enough to be 18, enjoy every minute of your new freedom!

If you have any questions about mortgages or need advice for your 18 year old, please call 01676 533658 or email

The lovely Sandy at 18.
A suave Gavin at 18.
Our own Laura at 18